Haha Davis also known as Mr. Big Fella is a 24- year-old Detroit native. He began his passion as a comedian in 2013 and just months later became an internet sensation. Through funny Vine videos and internet clips he’s gained a rapid following of over 1.5 million supporters. He became known for phrases such as “Ooh I’m Outta”, “What’s Goin’ Owwn”, “What’s your frustration”, and “Im Finna Daah”. In the mist of becoming Haha Davis he’s had the amazing opportunity to meet Snoop Dogg in 2015 who is now his mentor.
The following year he was given the chance to work on a Grammy nominated album “Coloring Book,”with Chance the Rapper. His Big Fella character was featured on “No Problems”, “All Night”, and “Blessings.” In addition to that he was also selected to narrate the Magnificent Coloring World Tour as the character Carlos “The Lion.”He now has “Big Fella” clothing taking off, with custom shirts, underwear, socks, stickers etc. He will also be appearing in “Meet The Blacks 2,” this summer all while working on putting out his very own cartoon, “Big Fella.”