16 Year Old Ayers Publicity Client Lands Feature In Forbes

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16 Year Old Tania Speaks Talks Turning Pain into Profit & More with Forbes Magazine

Starting in elementary school and continuing through middle school, Tania Speaks was bullied for having bushy, unruly eyebrows. Kids verbally abused and physically assaulted her on a regular basis. They would call her names, tell her that she had a unibrow, push her off the swings, and shove her against walls and lockers.

Fed up with the abuse, Speaks tried to cut off her eyebrows one day after school. She ended up bleeding badly and causing herself real damage. Her mother, Tanika, told Speaks never to cut her eyebrows again because one day everyone would want to have eyebrows like hers.

Her mother spoke the truth.

Speaks required assistance growing her eyebrows back. She began researching various natural, organic ingredients and experimenting with them until she created a gel that enabled her eyebrow hair to not only fill in but also lay down smoothly